vitaminwater Launches New Program To Let Facebook Users Create New Flavor

-vitaminwater Contest Icon-Want to decide the next flavor of vitaminwater or contribute to designing the new bottle design? The program is being rolled out in three phases. The first phase is is the “flavor buzzmeter” which is tracking conversations from around the web to determine which flavors people are talking about. The second phase, which will being in the next two weeks, lets users vote on flavor that they’d like to see added to vitaminwater’s existing portfolio of drinks.

The third phase, in which users can submit bottle designs for a chance to win $5,000, will begin in October. Once all phases are complete, the new flavor will be announced in December, and will be available in stores nationwide by March 2010. The new application will be promoted via the company’s Facebook Page, which has actually grown by over 11 percent over the past week to more than 446,000 fans according to our Facebook Page tracker.

The new application also includes games and quizzes related to users’ fitness levels. It’s an interesting program and given the company’s existing level of activity on Facebook, it’s great to see more integrated promotions. As I’ve been writing during the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program, applications are a great way to get your Facebook fans engaged and also drive new users to your Facebook Page.

Currently this application is not tightly integrated into the Facebook Page and instead leverages the page to promote an external application. We’ve reached out to the vitaminwater marketing execs for comment on this new program and will update this post once we hear back. Check out the vitaminwater Facebook page to view one of the best examples of a highly engaging Facebook Page.