Visiting Rhode Island and Living to Tell the Tale: A BIF-3 Recap


‘Round this time of the year, there are so many countless conferences that it’s hard to keep track. You know about the big ones, and if you can’t attend you follow online (like with Alissa’s coverage of AIGA NEXT this past weekend), but there are some that just completely slip through the cracks. Such is the case with the Business Innovation Factory‘s Collaborative Innovation Summit (there’s a mouthful). We’re pretty sure we’ve heard of it before, we just didn’t know it was going on. Turns out, it just all happened this last week and it sounded really fascinating, sort of like a mix between the Interesting and Idea events. Luckily, even though we weren’t able to attend, Creative Generalist was there and kept very fastidious notes, which we’ve been pouring over for the last little while. Unless you were there, we strongly encourage you to do the same.