Get Ready To Visit Twitter Next Month!

Have you been wanting to visit Twitter’s new headquarters but unable to do so for whatever reason? Well, if you’re in the San Francisco area, you won’t want to miss out on the open house event they’re participating in next month.

Even better? You’ll not only get to visit Twitter’s HQ, but you’ll also get a peek at other tech startups’ digs as well.

The city of San Francisco is throwing one heckuva shindig on October 11 and 12 that showcases tech startups, courtesy of OpenCo SF:

Part conference and part festival, OpenCo San Francisco is designed for innovative companies to share their visions and values while celebrating the collaborative ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay. Open to all interested in learning more about innovation and business, OpenCoSF invites attendees to tour San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods and businesses, featuring more than 75 extraordinary companies, from airbnb to Zynga, with scores in between [including Twitter].

This is the first year OpenCo San Francisco (OpenCoSF) is happening, so it’s an exciting time to get involved.

What is this gathering though, specifically? According to its website, it’s an effort launched by “a diverse group of organizations” seeking to create “a new kind of conference-as-festival where innovative companies open their doors to host conversation-based salons.”

They’ll share their business vision, outline their founding principles and values, and discuss what it means to be part of the collaborative ecosystem that is the San Francisco Bay area.

An anchor event to San Francisco’s inaugural Innovation Month celebration, OpenCoSF will launch the evening of October 11. The event will feature Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in conversation with event co-founder John Battelle, as well as a panel discussion featuring noted investor and philanthropist Ron Conway, and github founder Tom Preston-Werner.

On Friday, October 12, participants will spread across the City to attend hourly “open studio” sessions led by participating host companies.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Mayor Ed Lee first announced the plan on Sept. 11, as a marquee event of what he has  dubbed “Innovation Month.” And organizations that have agreed to host open houses include Yammer, UCSF,  GigaOm, Klout, SAY Media, Eventbrite and Quantcast, as well as (we’re assuming, from the OpenCoSF website) Airbnb, Google, Salesforce, Twitter and Zynga.

Organizers hope to make this a yearly event.

Will you be attending? Before you head into the city for these events, be sure to heed our commuting advice! See you there!

(San Francisco street view image from Shutterstock)