‘Visit London’ Plans a Trip Away From Wolff Olins


Hot to cash in (or perhaps help) the coming Olympics, London’s visitor’s bureau, Visit London, has decided to rebrand itself, launching its new look early next year. As a funny (or perhaps intentional) coincidence, their current logo was designed by Wolff Olins, which we all recall doesn’t have the largest public support when it comes to things to see and do in that city. Here’s some:

It will be unveiled early next year in time for the launch of Britain’s four-year Cultural Olympiad, which runs from the hand-over of the Olympic flame after the Beijing Games until the end of the Paralympics in 2012.

The first ad campaign featuring the branding will launch in the UK, US and Canada in April. This will be followed by a European campaign in the summer.

Martine Ainsworth-Wells, Visit London’s marketing director, said: ‘London is one of the strongest global brands, but, with the growing importance of emerging markets and maturing traditional markets, it is vital that London maintains its momentum.’

Note to the group: please also set aside some money to build a new site. If we can’t even bare to look at your online home, you’re not really encouraging us to visit the real one.