Visa, Omega and Samsung Dominate Social Olympic Brand Engagement [Infographic]

These three brands combined generated half a million social media mentions from Olympic fans during the Winter games in Sochi.


Last week we took a look at the preliminary brand engagement around the Sochi Winter Olympics and Visa was leading the pack. Now that the Winter games are officially over, it looks like Visa actually had some competition for the Olympic social conversation.

According to an infographic from social analytics firm Engagor, Visa received nearly 80,000 brand mentions on social media. Still, Swiss watchmaker, Omega, and South Korean technology company, Samsung, weren’t far behind with more than 77,000 and 71,000 social mentions respectively.

Last week P&G was the brand with the most positive sentiment, by the close of the winter games, Panasonic seemed to come out of nowhere, earning a 97 percent positive sentiment. Visa was a close second with 96 percent positive sentiment, followed by Omega at 93 percent and P&G at 92 percent. While the sentiment around Visa and Omega was overwhelmingly positive, the sentiment of the conversation including Samsung was relatively neutral. Though, there was a bit of buzz around the Samsung ad with the kids staging their own Winter Olympics at home.

When it came to engaging with fans, Visa took the gold, with more than 5,000 responses to fan messages. Coca Cola, which was leading the fan engagement last week, fell far behind with a total of less than 1,000 responses. And despite the negative sentiment — and the insistence from brand experts who say you should always respond to negative comments — Samsung only responded to just over 500 messages.

Check out the full stats below.

Engagor-Olympic Data Infographic

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