Vitrue Social Marketing Platform Is Betting On Klout With New Twitter Moderation Product

Vitrue, one of the leading social marketing platforms, has just launched its new Twitter Moderation product for its customers. And they’re hoping that Klout’s social media clout will come in handy – and will continue to hold the top spot despite a recent shakeup.

The new Twitter Moderation product from Vitrue allows customers to monitor, identify and engage with key influencers on Twitter. And just how do they identify these influencers? Why Klout, of course.

It might be a risky move to rely so heavily on Klout for its measure of influence. Last month, Klout announced some big changes to its influence calculating algorithm, which caused many big Twitter names to drop by as much as 20 points. As a result, some are calling for the obliteration of influence measures altogether, since they are so unstable and difficult to measure.

Still, Virtrue’s product does sound interesting, especially for small and medium sized businesses on Twitter.

The company is offering the ability to pinpoint those Twitter users who are ultra-influential, and target them with messages and offers that they can then go share with their own highly mobilized networks.

This is the dream of any marketer, as it means reaching a much wider audience than those who are directly following the brand on Twitter. By understanding who is influential on Twitter, brands can expand their reach to a wide circle of potential customers.

Plus, the hiccup in the Klout-o-sphere was likely just that: a hiccup. There are a few other pretenders to the throne of social influence measurement, but Klout is by far the largest and most-used. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a mass exodus from Klout any time soon.

Reggie Bradford, CEO & Founder of Vitrue, explains the new Klout integration to the Twitter Moderation tool:

“In today’s increasingly expanding social space, identifying and engaging with your brand’s key influencers is extremely crucial and beneficial. Our clients will now be able to monitor, identify, target and engage social influencers with a high social ‘Klout’ score, leveraging them for better brand influence and awareness.”

Vitrue will also be integrating Klout with its Facebook moderation tool in early 2012.