Virtual Cities and Casinos Top This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Despite our title, the actual top app on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook games is Mafia Wars Weekly Loot Collection, a parasite on Zynga’s Mafia Wars. As we mention over on Inside Facebook, this isn’t the first time a Zynga ripoff has been so successful, but we don’t expect it to last for long before getting shut down.

Following Loot Collection, there are several very solid up-and-coming games to look at. Here are all 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Mafia Wars Weekly Loot Collection948,844+881,596+92.91
2.icon Towner374,480+300,446+80.23
3.icon Roulette Madness941,105+266,594+28.33
4.icon Glamble330,973+235,535+71.16
5.icon Poker Madness870,977+233,957+26.86
6.icon MMA Pro Fighter500,745+233,384+46.61
7.icon Capitales del mundo!620,756+203,713+32.82
8.icon Jewel Puzzle 2463,724+155,232+33.48
9.icon Mahjongg Dimensions551,115+151,073+27.41
10.icon Okey Oyna755,140+139,714+18.50
11.icon Funflow694,495+132,088+19.02
12.icon Jumping Dog501,583+126,951+25.31
13.icon VIP Challenge483,558+126,618+26.18
14.icon Farkle 2535,710+119,575+22.32
15.icon Youtopia669,005+113,245+16.93
16.icon Puzzle Bobble287,013+97,631+34.02
17.icon Armies545,526+96,658+17.72
18.icon JibJab305,395+96,609+31.63
19.icon Yes Or No ?225,329+89,703+39.81
20.icon Ciudad en el Cielo750,575+84,762+11.29

Towner, the number two game here, is a SimCity-style town builder. A couple weeks back we wrote about this new category of games on Facebook, but at the time there were only two that had achieved any measurable success, My City Life and My Town. They’ve since been joined by several more, including Towner, which is by an unlisted developer.

Numbers three and five, Roulette Madness and Poker Madness, are by the same developer and also appeared on this list last week. Sandwiched between them is Glamble, a Texas Hold’em game. All three of these are gambling games that give older successes like Texas HoldEm Poker in terms of their attractive design. All of them are also by independent developers.

MMA Pro Fighter has waited some time for its chance to break out; we first reviewed the Digital Chocolate game back in December. As we mentioned at the time, MMA Pro is a pretty basic Mafia Wars-style game, but the developer has added features to the basic mix, and appears to be continuing work to make the game better.

Jewel Puzzle 2 is basically Bejeweled, but that hasn’t kept the game from appearing on this list both weeks since its launch; the growth appears to be picking up. And finally, there’s Mahjongg Dimensions by Arkadium. The Flash developer’s partnership with Mob Science seems to be working out pretty well, as this 3D mahjongg game is growing steadily toward a million users.