‘Virginity Auction’ Over. Winning Bid: $780K

Remember Catalina Migliorini, the ambitious Brazilian woman who offered her “virginity” to the highest bidder in order to help build affordable housing in her district…and to have an “opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it”? Well, her disturbing experiment in self-promotion is over: an anonymous Japanese man beat out 14 other interested parties last night with a whopping $780,000 bid.

Reminder: this stunt was part of a documentary called “Virgins Wanted”, produced and directed by an Australian filmmaker. What did he have to say about the big total? Beyond acknowledging that the purpose of the entire episode was “profit and self-promotion”, he said that “Catarina is extremely excited. She was speaking to her family in Brazil online and they were extremely happy for her.”

Yeah, we bet. And the next step in this shady process? “We will fly over the winner to Australia and obviously, for the sake of the film and privacy, we can’t disclose where and when the act will take place,” he said. “I have to leave some details for the documentary.”


One of the more amusing aspects of the story: Migliorini had a male counterpart, and the market valued his virginity at a relatively meager $3000.

Oh, and here’s something we didn’t know: Migliorini is not the first woman to gain fame by selling herself to the highest bidder. In 2009, an American woman going by the fake name “Natalie Dyan” not only tried to auction off her virginity; she wrote an op-ed in The Daily Beast explaining to all the haters why her dumb stunt was really an act of defiant, self-empowered feminism. Best part about her story? The deal fell through after the Australian businessman who supposedly offered $3.8 for the honor received a verbal smackdown…from his wife.

These stories were, are and always will be disturbing and depressing.