Virginia Moseley Named Senior Political Editor for ABC News

From ABC’s David Westin:

    I am pleased to announce that Virginia Moseley has been named to the new position of Senior Political Editor. She will oversee ABC News political coverage and the ABC News Political Unit, reporting to Paul Mason. As our Senior Political Editor, Virginia will work with each broadcast and platform to coordinate political coverage, generate stories, and book key political interviews. Virginia will also help plan our 2006 midterm election coverage and all aspects of the 2008 presidential election cycle including primaries, conventions, debates, and election night.

    We have at ABC News the best political reporters in the country. We have in Mark Halperin and the Note the best Political Unit. Now, we will have the coordination and the overall driving force to harness all of our strengths and bring them together to ensure that our political coverage is the best.

    Virginia has worked for ABC News since 1994 when she was hired as an editorial producer for This Week with David Brinkley, and later became senior producer of the show. In 1999, she was promoted to executive producer of This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts. Since 2002 she has overseen the Washington news booking department.

    Please join me in congratulating Virginia on this new assignment.