Virgin to Offer Samsung Android Tablets on More Flights

If you have plans to fly to Australia any time soon, definitely check out Virgin. They’ve just started a trial program. Catch the right flight in Business class and you’ll get the opportunity to use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

This is an expansion of their inflight Wifi service which allows passengers to stream video and music, and browse the web. Martin Daley, an executive with Virgin Australia, said the trial signalled the beginning of an enhanced inflight experience for guests. “The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has developed a reputation as a leader in the tablet space. This state of the art device will provide guests with a wide range of pre-loaded movies, television and audio
programs, delivered with high resolution graphics and superb sound.” The tablets will also come with a selection of apps.

Virgin plans to expand tablet availability in May, and Economy class passengers will be getting the option in June of renting a tablet inflight for a fee.

image by virsago_mk2