Virgin Mobile Launches TNT! Handset

Virgin Mobile just released a new handset called the TNT! (including, of all things, an exclamation point). According to Engadget Mobile, the Kyocera-sourced flip phone costs just $19.99 and doesn’t really come with much in the way of features—you get a speakerphone, a color primary display, a monochrome outer display, basic WAP-based Web access, text messaging, and that’s about it.

But it’s a cheap way to use up prepaid minutes on the popular MVNO—and, incidentally, the only one left standing now that the others have all fallen by the wayside. Regardless, for all those times someone asked you what’s a good phone to get if they just want one for emergencies and don’t want to pay a lot—or even anything—per month, here’s one answer.