Virgin Mobile Enters Mobile Music Fray, Sort Of

virginmobile.jpgVirgin Mobile just launched Headliner, a new service that’s billed as the world’s first interactive mobile music magazine.

Headliner gives subscribers on-demand access to concert listings, festival coverage, artist news, and interactive search and community-based features. It also contains a database of thousands of artist profiles, including discographies and album news.

Customers can download Headliner directly to their Virgin Mobile handsets. Only certain handsets support Headliner, such as the Switch_Back, Cyclops, Slice, Slider Sonic and Snapper (no, really, those are the names). Following a free 14-day trial, customers can continue to use Headliner for $2.49/month.

Note that Headliner isn’t a true mobile music service that turns your phone into an MP3 player. It’s a “mobile magazine” about music.

First Interactive Mobile Music Magazine [Virgin Mobile USA]