Virgin Crew Fired After Insulting Passengers on Facebook

Thirteen Virgin Atlantic crew members have been fired after insulting passengers on the Facebook fan page for the airline. According to the BBC, the employees were calling passengers “chavs”. What is a chav exactly? I had no idea until I looked it up. According to Wikipedia:

Chav, or Charv/Charva, is a mainly derogatory slang term in the United Kingdom for a person whose lifestyle, branded casual clothing (especially if counterfeit), speech and/or mannerisms are perceived to be common, proletarian and vulgar. ‘Chav’ is often used as a stereotype to refer to white, poorly educated, aggressive youths, but youth and aggression are not the defining attributes of a ‘chav’. The term is similar to America’s ‘white trash’ stereotype.

Not only did they make derogatory comments about passengers but they “also reportedly claimed the planes were full of cockroaches and alleged the airline’s jet engines were replaced four times in one year.” Publicly discussing these things crossed the line and soon enough all thirteen employees found themselves jobless.

Lesson for company employees: acting unprofessionally via Facebook and having that content publicly accessible to your company will result in you losing your job. This is definitely not the first time and it isn’t the last time that this will happen. So for all of you that want to call people a “chav”, a “yo”, or whatever derogatory term you choose, Facebook is probably not the best place to be doing so. Honestly, you may want to ditch the habit all together!