Virgin Building Facebook Connect App for Planes?

While most Facebook Connect apps we’ve seen have been built for use on websites and iPhones, Virgin is reportedly working on an in-flight Facebook Connect application for their planes.

“What if you could send a drink from the Virgin website to your friend on the plane using Facebook Connect?” hinted Virgin’s Alex Hunter today at the Future of Web Apps conference in Miami. Hunter is the Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group.

Virgin also announced today the launch of a new website, coming in a few weeks, that will feature a virtual currency based loyalty system as well as content from WineLibrary’s Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Branson, and Ryan Carson.

“We are launching the new Virgin website with Facebook Connect on day one,” Hunter said.

While integrating with real time flight data would seem quite difficult to pull off at a time when major carriers are still experimenting with getting basic WiFi service up and running, finding your Facebook friends in flight would take connectedness to a whole new level.

Theoretically, Facebook Connect integration could allow all kinds of social experiences around flying:

  • People could find their friends on Virgin flights and send them virtual gifts in real time
  • Travelers could find their friends on the same flight and try to get seats next to them when checking in
  • Virgin could provide a myriad of deeper travel application experiences for its customers

It will be interesting to see how exactly Virgin launches Facebook Connect in flight!

Photo Credit: seanosh

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