[Viral Video] The Walking Dead Gets The Honest Movie Trailer Treatment

The Walking Dead gets the "Honest Trailers" treatment from Screen Junkies, and just for fun, there's a bonus rant in here about why the show matters to us here at SocialTimes.

Here at SocialTimes, we’re fans of The Walking Dead. So much so that we wanted to make sure you could catch up on the show in eight minutes. Why? There’s a lot of reasons. Page views, of course, but also because there’s a larger narrative going on here. One that sort of flies in the face of all the nonsense that’s been spewed over the years from Cyber-Hipsters, new media gurus, and terrible journalists.

You see, they’ve been droning on for years about the declining television audience. Yet here we are with The Big Bang Theory pulling monster numbers in 2013 on the networks and The Walking Dead pulling monster numbers for cable. Are the numbers as high as they used to be? Well, we really don’t know because we’re entirely dependent on one company to provide the data, so we’re sort of guessing. They look like they declined, but perhaps not. And this is before we even talk about the monster ratings for the past few Super Bowls. So. The Walking Dead matters for our purposes. Both because it’s a rare breed of TV shows that’s both popular online and off (not as common as you think), and because it sort of disproves this BS narrative that’s been peddled by people who just so happen to be peddling bad advice to marketers, people who work in public relations, and others.

Whoa. That was a lot to be said in what should have been just a funny post, but I thought you should know. This show’s relevant to all of our interests. Anyway, Screen Junkies makes yet another appearance here at SocialTimes, this time by giving The Walking Dead their excellent “Honest Trailers’ treatmentEnjoy!