[Viral Video] ‘Girls Don’t Poop’: How to Make a Video Ad That Doesn’t Stink

We wish this was a joke, but apparently in today's viral video, this is a very real product they're selling.

“You would not believe the motherload I just dropped. And that’s how I like to keep it,” declares the redhead in the blue party dress and pearls with a huge grin plastered on her face, after kicking the bathroom stall open with her foot.

And it just get’s more ridiculous from there.

Throughout the two minute commercial, she maintains her slightly winking grin as she describes her “creamy behemoth” and talks about how uncomfortable we all are about leaving behind the aromatic evidence of our bowel movements. And how else do you sell a product intended to solve a problem as natural as dropping a deuce in public or around your significant other?

The cheeky humor is precisely the genius of the Poo Pourri commercials. In fact the entire marketing angle is to embrace the discomfort with the subject matter and make it funny. Once we’re hooked with the humor, the woman in the commercial proceeds to explain in explicit detail exactly how Poo Pourri works, with graphic accompaniment. Then she assures you that, yes, this is a real product and,  yes it really works.

For skeptics, you’re invited to check out the great many Amazon reviews. On YouTube, Poo Pourri users are making their own commercials, declaring the product a must have. Unsurprisingly, single women are the biggest fans because, let’s face it, poop is especially taboo when you’re a single lady. Everyone wants to pretend it simply doesn’t happen.

Gotta love how in a market saturated with overwhelming and unnatural scents, here we have a product made of essential oils to hide one of the most natural things humans do. Normally, I’d be ranting about the reinforcing of stupid ideals but Poo Pourri doesn’t take itself too seriously so why should I? Personally, I think it should be a deal-breaker if a guy doesn’t  laugh in relief the first time you fart around him. Shit happens. Just saying.

But hey, maybe with Poo Pourri you really can convince that guy you’re dating that your poop smells like roses.

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