[Viral Video] Al Capone Squares Off Against Black Beard The Pirate In An Epic Rap Battle (Of History)

In today's SocialTimes Viral Video, we find notorious mobster Al Capone in a rap battle against Black Beard The Pirate.

I’m a big fan of the Epic Rap Battles of History guys. So after a long layoff between seasons, and then a break between this episode and the last one, I figure I’d post this here to show you they’re still alive and kicking.
Although … I have some questions about product placement in this episode given their request for suggestions on a pirate to feature last week and the Assassin’s Creed ad that runs briefly before the start of this video. Is that kosher? How does the FTC (and Google, who probably didn’t see any money on that transaction) feel about that sort of thing? I feel like here at SocialTimes we should be looking into that, so we’ll report on what we hear in the not too distant future.
Until then, today’s viral video features an epic rap battle between notorious Chicago mobster Al Capone and Black Beard The Pirate. I’m not quite sure why I capitalized everything in Black Beard The Pirate, but since he was a pirate, I think he might have preferred it that way.