Viral Harvard Rejection Letter Earns Agency Internship Offer

Molly McGaan and Olson Engage win the week.

Here’s a story you may have seen this week: high school student Molly McGaan, who attends Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, wrote a fake rejection letter ostensibly from Harvard for her school’s humorous newsletter The Daily Poke.

The letter, if you haven’t read it:

The piece quickly went viral on reddit, imgur, and other platforms, earning coverage on Business Insider and pretty much every other blog yesterday. McGaan even scored an interview with The Boston Globe in which she clarified that she did, in fact, apply to Harvard in real life (and she’s still waiting to hear back).

Her real letter did not include any references to “$wagg moneyyyy” but, like so many fake memes, it fooled thousands of people.

We like the way she thinks — and so did Chicago’s Olson Engage, the agency behind all those recent Skittles NFL stunts involving one Marshawn Lynch:

For the record, McGaan has yet to respond to Olson’s formal offer, though she did retweet it.

We still think she wins the week. Unlike the intern who famously portrayed herself as a LEGO character, McGaan’s application was completely unintentional.