Violent Zynga Ad Is Banned On Facebook

A controversial advertisement posted by Zynga on Facebook has been banned by the “Advertising Standards Authority” in the UK. The advertisement depicted a man wielding a knife with the ad copy of “From street thug to capo. Earn your street cred and be respected.” The Advertising Standards Authority, “the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media”, determined that the ad was inappropriate.

The ASA stated that “aggressive and threatening […] and condoned violence and was irresponsible”. According to the Guardian, “Zynga blamed Facebook, claiming that the social networking website approved the ad.” Facebook ultimately removed the ad “because it breached internal advertising guidelines that [prohibit] images of weapons”. While it may be much ado about nothing, it was interesting to see an actual advertising authority step in to block an ad on Facebook.
As for Zynga, I’m sure someone in the marketing department thought it was a creative idea, unfortunately Zynga’s ads will probably be getting more scrutiny after this little mishap.