Vinyet App Pimps Your Vines With 22 Filters, Stop-Motion, Time Lapse And More

Charlottesville, VA-based research and product development company Arqball just released a new iOS app called Vinyet, a fun and sleek mobile video app that lets you post your pimped-out videos directly to Vine.

Vinyet includes 22 cinematic-quality filters, stop-motion, animation, time lapse effects and a host of additional features that claim to “open up the world of video” as apps like VSCO Cam, and Camera+ do for still imagery.

Color filters

Vinyet comes with 23 filters inspired by the team’s favorite films. Some are named in homage to the directors who produced them. You can preview these filters in real time as you shoot, and even change them later.

Easily craft a time lapse video

Vinyet’s time lapse option is simple, and pretty cool: click the timer icon, set the duration and the delay between recordings with two sliders. Then just click the loop icon and tap any spot on the screen to begin, like in the official Vine app.

Here’s an example of a time lapse Vine made with Vinyet:

Play around with stop-motion

You can set a delay and capture length to create stop motion effects without having to worry about perfectly tapping your screen like expert Viners so deftly do.

Video import

Vinyet allows you to import and work with any video you already have on your phone. You can share those videos directly or include them in a new creation.

When you’re done with your Vinyet, you can post it directly to Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, or save it to your camera roll or send via email. You can even export your creations as animated gifs that you can text, email or Snapchat to others.

With Vine’s latest updates, which have included the ability to edit Vines, the ability to save Vines as drafts to work on later, and fancy new camera tools, there’s less of a need to turn to external apps for Vine video creation. But Vinyet does offer slick features not yet available in the official Vine app.

Would you pay the $1.99 to download Vinyet and give it a spin?

Check out Vinyet for yourself.