Vine Unveils Biggest Update Yet: New Camera Tools, Revining, Protected Posts, More

Just in time for the long holiday weekend, Vine rolled out its most significant update yet.

Read on for a look at all the new Vine features.

Here’s what new in the Vine for iPhone app:

New Camera Tools: The Vine team redesigned the camera and included new grid, focus, and ghost tools to make shooting videos easier. No more tapping the screen to focus on something only to smack yourself in the forehead when you realize you’ve just started recording a new segment and can’t go back.

Channels: Vine has introduced 15 channels for users to submit posts to or browse from the Explore screen, each with their own theme and Popular feed. The channels include Comedy, Art & Experimental, Cats, Dogs, Family, Music, and Nature.

On The Rise: With the Vine update you can discover new Viners “starting to capture the attention and interest of the Vine community.” If you’re looking for the most impressive of the Vine world, you can head straight here rather than scrolling aimlessly through hundreds of video fails to find gold.

Revining: You can also share other people’s Vines with your own Vine followers in one tap. Would this be abbreviated as “RV” in Internet parlance?

Protected Posts: You can now protect your Vine video posts, which means only the people you approve to follow you can see them. That said, if you share a protected post to Twitter or Facebook, anyone can view it. It seems like Twitter is subtly reacting to the NSA madness by calling attention to its reputably strong user data protection policy (see yesterday’s post on new Twitter Advertising retargeting).

There you have it. Note that protected posts should be available on Android, and the other features are coming to Android next week.

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