Vine Just Got Much Better for Marketers

Now allows footage shot from any camera

Vine has been updated today to allow users to upload videos onto the platform. The move should entice traditional creatives and digital shops, which, like consumers, had been limited to shooting their six-second spots on the mobile app.

Now, they can use virtually any footage to bolster their brand clients' social-video aims. Before, there were hacker-minded work-arounds and third-party software options to enable the same idea, but Twitter, which owns Vine, just made creatives' lives easier.

In addition, Vine's newest version will give marketers more editing capabilities.

Will such measures mean more brand activity on the platform? And do they signal that Vine may soon include paid advertising? Time will only tell.

But the update does come on the heels of Vine debuting its "loops" metric, which shows users how often people are watching their six-second videos. Prior to the stat's availability, marketers had to focus on likes, comments and revines (same as a retweet) to measure the impact of their social clips. Loops have replaced revines on the platform.

That development came as a relief to brands such as Tide, Milk Bone, Charmin and Red Vines that regularly put resources into the 19-month-old social media platform.

And they may be even more interested in the new uploading and editing features.

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