Vincent Callebaut Unveils Floating Cities Plans

Because we believe in being balanced and fair around here at UnBeige HQ, and following our critiques of David Fisher last week, here’s some proof that crazy architecture doesn’t just exist in Dubai. Belgian architect and designer, Vincent Callebaut, has unveiled plans for floating cities to be built all over the world, entitled “Lilypad.” On each, they would house 50,000 people and would help remedy the catastrophes brought on by rising sea levels which are sure to swallow our current cities alive. It looks cool and all, but we can’t help but think that this is sort of an anti-ecology program, where it’s just sort of a “we’ll just deal with the bad, instead of just trying to fix it before the ocean starts swallowing all of us.” But still, we don’t think we’ll mind living in Callebaut’s Waterworld existence, particularly if a stateroom will be made available for any and all Kevin Costner-like gill people.