Vince Broady Quits Yahoo!

0116broady.jpgIt looks like the new, streamlined Yahoo! is hemmoraging media executives. New York Times tech biz blog Bits just published an item annoucing Senior VP Vince Broady (pictured) is leaving Yahoo!. Broady, who most recently was in charge of Yahoo’s entertainment content, is departing just a month after responsibility for his department was handed over to Scott Moore. Broady is joining a long, long list of content-overseeing executives who have quit the firm in the past year.

Broady’s most recent project was the entertainment portal Brand Universe, which was widely rumored to have suffered due to a combination of a lack of funding from Yahoo! and disinterest from the firm’s very top execs.

No worries for him though… Given that the guy co-founded GameSpot, we think he’ll land on his feet just fine.