Vin Scully Keeps His Focus On the Field

Dodgers announcer Vin Scully is doing his best to keep his mind on baseball and off the ridiculous sideshow that has become the Dodgers organization. Scully spoke with the Michael Kay Show on 1050 ESPN New York yesterday and said he’s refusing to comment on the disastrous state of the team: “The only time I would ever comment is if all the lawyers got on the field to play.”

He’s using the same approach to calling games as he used when the Dodgers moved to LA from Brooklyn back in 1958–and a number of losing seasons ensued.

“I would go to the ballpark and I would not think of the fact that they had lost X-number of games in a row, I did not think of where they stood in the standings. I’d just look with great enthusiasm at the game to be played that night. And I will bring that attitude to the ballpark tonight.”

ESPNLA has a nice writeup of the interview, as well as the audio.