Vimeo's Experts Launch Video School To Empower Amateur Moviemakers

For years Vimeo has been an online video playground for talented filmmakers, animators and video artists to showcase their work, featuring some of the most artistic and creative video content on the web. They’ve provided an amazing and nurturing community for talented individuals with professional knowledge of video and film equipment and editing, graphics and animation software. However, beginners and less professional individuals may have felt a little bit overwhelmed by the talent on Vimeo. Vimeo announced last week that they are now reaching out to these users with the new Vimeo Video School, teaching anyone and everyone how to make better videos.

Vimeo’s Blake Whitman announced the launch of Vimeo Video School last week on the Vimeo blog saying, “We realized that one of the best ways we could nurture the incredible range of creativity on the site would be to build a system that easily allows members of all skill levels to learn more about making videos and expand their knowledge base. We’re covering everyone, from people picking up a video camera for the first time, to seasoned pros that need info on the newest technology.”

The Vimeo Video School covers it all, starting with the basics in Video 101 and continuing on to more complex topics such as how to make your own DIY dolly and shoulder rig. Learn how to choose a camera, check out Vimeo’s glossary of common video terms, discover the basics of shooting and editing if you’re just starting out, or learn about the latest software and gear.

The Vimeo Video School library of videos and tutorials are made up of videos and tutorials created by the Vimeo staff, along with about 1,000 user-generated tutorials. Tutorials are categorized into behind the scenes, do-it-yourself, DSLR, editing, gear, lighting, shooting, software and sound.

So what are the implications of Vimeo’s Video School launch? For starters, I think this is opening up doors for Vimeo to become even more of a nurturing creative environment than it already is. I’ve always found that Vimeo users are great about watching each others videos and leaving comments with compliments and constructive criticism, helping each other to grow as artists and improve their work. The tutorials in the Vimeo Video School are a great additional tool to help users improve and forge ahead with their video creation. This isn’t just great for the Vimeo community of users, who will feel great about themselves when they see their creations improve as a result of these tutorials, but it’s also great for Vimeo. After all, as user content improves Vimeo will have more great content being uploaded, viewed, shared, and discussed.

There is, of course, a possibility that some of Vimeo’s most talented, professional users may be a little put off by the influx of amateurs that the Vimeo Video School may lead to. After all, Vimeo has carved out a niche for itself as a video network for talented artists who create professional content. However, I think these pros will soon find that it feels good to be able to inspire these amateurs, as well as to read the feedback and comments on their own videos. In my opinion, Vimeo Video School is the perfect addition Vimeo needs to solidify its spot at the most popular community for video artists, filmmakers, animators, motion graphic designers and creatives on the web.

What’s your take on the Vimeo Video School? Do you think Vimeo will change and evolve as a result of the new initiative?