Vimeo Providing Mobile Video Formatting Options to Paying Customers-Missing the Mobile Boat in Other Ways

Vimeo is video sharing site (somewhat like YouTube). The announced on their staff blog that…

Your videos are going mobile!

The catch is that this only applies to paying customers (nothing wrong with that, of course). Customers using their free service apparently can’t covert their videos to their mobile format.

I don’t begrudge Vimeo’s efforts to provide value added service to paying customers. But, they may be missing the mobile boat here in a couple of different respects.

1. Why does mobile need a special format at all? YouTube videos look reasonably good on mobile devices without doing any special conversion

2. Why is Vimeo’s mobile friend site at mobile unfriendly in function? After logging in to my free account, I was not even given a way to look at a list of the videos I’ve uploaded to Vimeo. Sure, I didn’t expect to be able to view them since they are not converted to the special mobile format. But, I was expecting to be able to look at aspects of my account from my mobile device (a Nexus One in this case)

3. Why doesn’ Vimeo’s mobile site provide a way to search for mobile formatted videos. It looks like it is only able to show you videos most recently converted to a mobile format. There is no search box or category list to be found anywhere on the mobile site