Vimeo Goes HD and Why That;’s a Very Cool Thing


If you’d like to get a little ahead of the curve in seeing the future of online videography, the always ahead Vimeo has just launched their new fully HD service. If you don’t know one thing about video, here’s a little primer they’ve posted. But even that doesn’t really fully explain. You’re basically going from something like YouTube’s 320×240 pixels size to 1280×720, the size your mid-range HD sets are displaying (1920×1080 is the top). What’s more, their HD videos take about the same time to load as those tiny, ugly YouTube boxes. We have absolutely no idea how they’re doing this, but we can speculate on the results on three fronts: 1) for the time being we see a big sweep of users over to Vimeo to try this out, 2) YouTube is forced to update their encoding, to keep up, and 3) in a wider outlook, this means great things for finally being able to display watchable, quality video online, without having to set aside your whole afternoon while your slow broadband connection loads it. At least, we’re hoping for all three.