Vimeo Users, Plays & Uploads Doubled In 2010

This year Vimeo's daily video plays, uploads and user numbers have all at least. Looks like Vimeo has a lot to celebrate this holiday season!

Vimeo is looking jollier than ever this holiday season. It might have something to do with the adorable collection of Vimeo Holiday logos on the Vimeo blog, but the video site really does have reason to celebrate this holiday season. Last week Dalas Verdugo, community manager at Vimeo, posted some statistics from 2010 and it looks like Vimeo has got a lot to be proud of this year. This year daily video plays, uploads and user numbers have all at least doubled, and that’s only a fraction of what Vimeo’s got to be proud of.

In addition to a doubling of the number of videos, users, and views, Vimeo has also become one of the Top 100 sites in the United States, and has increased usage of their Advanced API 30-fold. Over 20% of the videos on Vimeo are now in HD and the site is now handling somewhere in the vicinity of 4 billion requests a month. However, the biggest increase on the site, as Dalas points out, is that Vimeo’s love for you, the users, has grown a whopping 1000%.

In addition to these numbers, Vimeo has also had a lot of big announcements throughout 2010. Vimeo opened up support for mobile early in the year, making it easy for Plus users to make mobile versions of their videos at They also jumped on the HTML5 bandwagon, releasing their new universal player in August; launched Couch Mode, a new service optimized for Google TV that lets users sit back and watch videos from their inbox, their own videos, staff picks, and videos they “like” or have added to a “watch later” list; and most recently they launched the Vimeo Video School.

Vimeo is definitely forging ahead in the web video arena. They’ve grown a huge amount in 2010 and we can only wait and see what 2011 has in store. Congrats on a great year, Vimeo!

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