Viktor Pinchuk Revealed as Damien Hirst’s Fourth Diamond Skull Investor

You know that diamond skull that artist Damien Hirst gets really protective of and, as a result, gets beaten up over by clever artists? Almost two years to the date from its initial unveiling, which came with much shock and awe, as Hirst likes things to arrive, it’s come back into the news now as The Art Newspaper reports that the fourth stakeholder for the high-profile, very expensive piece was revealed as Viktor Pinchuk, a billionaire in the Ukraine. The find was spotted in a short paragraph in a recent Washington Post story about Hirst’s work being displayed in Kiev, the writer of the piece apparently not knowing about or caring to comment on this juicy little tidbit of art news he’d just broken in “the mystery of the unknown investors.” Here’s the quickie revelation in the piece:

And, he is such a fan of Hirst that he even bought a share of the diamond-crusted platinum skull that the artist reportedly sold two years to a group of investors for a record $100 million — though some doubt whether that much money changed hands.

That means four down and however many other secret investors there are left. Look around you. Spot any? It could be most anyone, you know (cue ominous thunder sound effect).