Viewing Instagram Food Photos Can Ruin Your Taste Buds

According to the latest research by Brigham Young University Professors, your taste buds can get fatigued when you look at too many food photos. If you’re particularly fond of following a lot of food photographers on Instagram, it’s probably damaging your ability to enjoy food to its fullest flavors.

Half of the participants viewed 60 pictures of sweet foods like cake, truffles and chocolates, while the other half looked at 60 pictures of salt foods such as chips, pretzels and French fries.

After rating each picture based on how appetizing that food appeared, each participant finished the experiment by eating peanuts, a salty food. Participants then rated how much they enjoyed eating the peanuts.

In the end, the people who had looked at the salty foods ended up enjoying the peanuts less, even though they never looked at peanuts, just at other salty foods.

The researchers concluded that simply by looking at certain types of food can cause sensory overload for that taste experience (salty, sweet, etc.).  If you want to really enjoy your food, try to avoid browsing Instagram or Pinterest for food photos prior to eating. However, they said you would have to view a lot of photos – not just a few. For those who want to gain control of their diet, the phenomenon can be utilized to make sweets, candy, and cakes seem less appetizing.