View Your Twitter Reach With Quotably

When I woke up this morning one of the first things I read was Mike Arrington’s review of Quotably. I went and checked out the site and was very impressed. Quotably enables users to track the conversations taking place on Twitter and view all the participants involved even if they aren’t following each other. This is substantial because so frequently we miss out on a large part of the conversation because we aren’t following everybody involved.

Thanks to Quotably you can view the entire conversation even if you aren’t following everybody. This is highly beneficial because now you can understand the context of everybody’s tweets. Aside from being useful for Twitter users, Quotably also has P.R. potential. Almost a year ago I was discussing with somebody about using a similar model to tracking the reach of various articles on the web and the impact on brands being mentioned in those articles.

It was a tool for P.R. professionals but ultimately a duplicate system for tracking the reach of any message on the web would be significant. Brands hire P.R. firms for providing monitoring services and those that monitor the conversation view the discussion from a somewhat disjointed perspective. This puts everything in context which is awesome. Do you see any other potential uses for this service?

Quotably Screenshot