VideoStory offers photo slideshow creation with Instagram Video in mind

Image via Bits&Coffee

WordsOn developer Bits&Coffee has announced the launch of its latest multimedia-focused product on iOS: VideoStory. The app is available as both a free and premium download, and allows users to create photo slideshows with music and video transitions, which are custom built for sharing on Instagram Video.

VideoStory allows users to choose photos from their camera roll, with the app automatically “squaring” them to fit on Instagram. Users can change the order of the photos within the slideshow, as well as alter the cropping on each individual picture, and can add delays between photos that they’d like to display longer than others.

Photos can be given video transition effects, including slide, fade, cover, push left, or zooms, and a music track from iTunes can be added for the final touch. The music can be customized with a custom starting position, audio fade-in and out, and general volume adjustments.

The free version of VideoStory allows for the creation of these slideshows for free, but specific features, including the video transitions and the in-depth music options, are locked behind in-app purchases. Alternatively, users can simply purchase a separate app, VideoStory Pro, which contains all available features for $0.99.

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