Facebook Videos Moved to the Profile’s Photos Tab

A thread on Quora from Evan Priestley, an engineer with Facebook, outlines how the company has moved videos from its own separate tab to the photos tab on profiles. Pages continue to have a separate video tab with the new layout. The change may temporarily make videos difficult to find for some users.

Priestley responded to a Facebook user’s question about the whereabouts of their videos and with the new information.

Previously the videos were accesible via a link under the profile picture and a video tab at the top of the old profile. Now a user’s videos may be accessed by clicking on the photos tab, then “see all” then clicking on “video.” Here’s the new profile

Videos on Facebook are costly to serve, not tagged as often as photos, reduce cross-site browsing and are not as popular as photos, so burying them may be somewhat in Facebook’s interest. However, many users didn’t have any uploaded or tagged videos, so giving them a separate section needlessly cluttered profile navigation in some cases.

Priestley concludes his answer stating “this is an intentional part of our meticulously orchestrated master plan”, so the change could pave the way for a forthcoming change to media browsing.