VideoReddit for iPad Lets You Watch Reddit’s Best Videos

Reddit has become one of the best sources of funny videos on the web.  That’s an audacious statement, but there’s nothing like the incessant babbling of my friends about “the latest Reddit meme” to solidify my convictions about it.  Reddit is something that, once introduced to a friend, sticks like a gummy bear to a movie screen (not that I’ve ever done such a thing).

That’s why it’s great that this new VideoReddit app for iPad lets you watch all of the latest videos that are going viral on Reddit.

What ensures Reddit quality is the democratic voting process spread among the denizens that click around the site for over 2 Billion page views a month.  With that many users and that much traffic, something has to be noteworthy to make it to the top of the list.  When we’re hanging out, a quick cure to boredom is to check out some of the latest Reddit videos and we’re rarely disappointed.

The application is very simple, it’s just a video box and a small frame around the outside.  It’s easy to click through to the next video and if you’re interested you can click the comments button at the bottom which pops up the Reddit page for the video without stopping the video in the background.  Very cool stuff.  I took a screenshot of the layout and included it below.

The application has a mode that lets you only view HD video, and that’s essential if you’re viewing the content on an iPad.  Thanks to RedmondPie for bringing this cool app to our attention, and download the app here.