Videology Taps Nielsen to Boost Marketing Across TV and Digital

Data to help target demos wherever they are

Videology, the video advertising company, has a new deal with Nielsen to use data to help TV advertisers target audiences that are watching more and more on digital channels—and that means young people.

Videology has been interested in an advertising future that doesn’t distinguish between traditional television and online video, one in which media planners could launch campaigns and reach targeted demographics across channels. Nielsen has been building the tools to measure digital viewers much like it does on TV.

“Advertisers need the tools to execute seamless, scalable campaigns across television and online video that can be optimized for bottom line results,” said Videology CEO Scott Ferber in a statement announcing the new deal. “This integration now makes that a reality for brand marketers.”

Videology said it now better understands when viewers haven’t been exposed to certain marketing on TV and how to find them online. Also, it's now better able to help brands better retarget marketing to online users after they were already exposed to marketing on TV.

One key reverse-engineering development, according to Videology, is that advertisers can use the data on digital viewing habits to inform their TV ad buys as well.

The youth demographic—18-34 year olds—are proving more difficult to reach through traditional TV alone, Videology said. One message Videology is emphasizing: Marketers can boost their reach to young people by almost 15 percent when including digital in their media plans.