VideoEgg Acquires Six Apart; Combined Co. to Be Renamed Say Media

Maybe the folks at parent company were on to something when they launched the transition of its blogs from Movable Type to WordPress: Online advertising company VideoEgg announced that it will acquire Movable Type and TypePad parent Six Apart, and the combined company will change its name to Say Media, The New York TimesBits reported.

Say Media told Bits it will continue to operate and support Six Apart’s blogging tools, with Six Apart executive vice president Andrew Anker saying the company had been shifting its focus to advertising for the past two years.

Six Apart co-founder and president Mena Trott will give up her title but join Say Media’s board, and her husband, co-founder Ben Trott, will be chief technology officer, Bits reported, adding that Six Apart CEO Chris Alden will leave the company. Current VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez will assume the CEO role at Say Media.

Sanchez told GigaOM in a phone interview:

We’ve got north of 70 million techies, and that’s bigger than CNET, Wired, and IDG put together. With about 25 million moms, we’re bigger than Nickelodeon Family, BabyCenter, and the CafeMom Network combined.

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