VideoBlocks Enters the Stock Audio Business

Response to increased demand for sound clips

Stock media company VideoBlocks will begin to offer music and audio files for its users on July 17 in response to increasing demand for licensable audio clips.

The Washington, D.C.-based company, which operates both VideoBlocks and GraphicStock, said it will launch a service called AudioBlocks with over 100,000 clips. Users can pay a $99 yearly flat fee to have unlimited access to any of its audio, video or sound files, which are licensed for use anywhere in the world. Before the additional audio offerings, the two platforms averaged about 1 million downloads a month.

"I think one of the biggest disappointments for users is when they spend a lot of time on a video, and then use music without the right license. It's a turd in the punchbowl. It taints your products," VideoBlocks CEO Joel Holland explained.

Holland said VideoBlocks had been testing out a few audio clips on its service to gauge consumer interest and was surprised at the enthusiastic response. With the amount of video being created every day growing, he believes that people are actively seeking out sound clips because it's the "easiest thing you can add to video to make it better."

He may be onto something. YouTube announced at this year's VidCon that it would be adding 2,000 licensed audio clips to its sound file library for its users, while Shutterstock announced in May that it would be bolstering its offerings with about 60,000 royalty-free music tracks.