Video View Metrics for Facebook and Instagram Are Being Added to CrowdTangle

CrowdTangle introduced a new metric: the number of video views generated when pages share videos from other sources

Video publishers on Facebook and Instagram now have a new measurement option, as the social network announced that video view metrics for those two platforms will be added to CrowdTangle starting Thursday.

Facebook said in a release that publishers will now have another way to track emerging trends, determine best practices, see overall video views across industries and benchmark themselves.

The social network added that CrowdTangle introduced a new metric: the number of video views generated when pages share videos from other sources.

CrowdTangle will roll out its metrics across posts, leaderboards and intelligence, with historical data going back to the beginning of 2017 at launch (all videos should be added “in the following days,” and the following uses for this new capability were suggested:

  • Discover videos that are overperforming based on views.
  • Create a daily digest of the most viewed videos for your own account or competitor accounts.
  • Create a leaderboard to compare Instagram views across your account and competitor accounts.
  • Use intelligence to analyze changes in total views over time on your own page and competitor pages.

CrowdTangle added in the release:

As a part of the Facebook Journalism Project, we’re committed to building solutions based on closer collaboration with publishers. In this case, we’ve heard that publishers want more insight into how their videos are performing, especially in relation to others in the industry. By adding Facebook and Instagram video data to CrowdTangle, we’re responding to a common request and are hoping to help solve a pain point for publishers. It’s another example where, thanks to being part of the Facebook family, we can build even more valuable tools for publishers across the world. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.