Video of Microsoft’s Silverlight App Built on Facebook Open Stream API

Last week at Facebook’s “technology tasting” event where Facebook announced the Open Stream API, several launch partners were on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of the new API. Seesmic, Plaxo, and Microsoft all showed early products built on the new API that take data from the Facebook stream and let you interact with it outside

One of the demos that showed new ways the Facebook stream could be visualized and manipulated was a Silverlight app built in just a couple of days by Brian Goldfarb‘s team at Microsoft. Goldfarb showed different ways stream data could be grouped, consumed, and annotated in a completely different way than the traditional interface provides. Check it out in the video below:

It’s likely that as more Facebook stream apps come online, those apps will actually be more useful to some users than the stream filtration system, and traffic to the Facebook home page could appear lower while the stream is being fully interacted with elsewhere. While the Microsoft app is just a demo, it’s indicative of new types of experiences possible with access to the full real time Facebook stream – much like similar apps built around Twitter, except with a lot more built in data available to developers.