Video of Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Cox Announcing New Facebook Products Tonight

Earlier this evening, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg formally announced the launch of six new products at the company’s headquarters, as Facebook also celebrated its 6th birthday. To watch Zuckerberg and VP of Product Chris Cox walk through each of the new releases, and reflect on the company’s first 6 years – including the day the News Feed launched on September 6, 2006 – check out each of the videos below. At the end, Product Manager Peter Deng and Ari Steinberg “flip the switch,” pushing the new products live.

(For those who don’t see the videos in your reader, click here to view.)

Tonight’s product releases included:

  • The new home page to 80 million of Facebook’s now 400 million users worldwide
  • Better chat accessibility (“Improving chat is the biggest request we get from our users,” Zuckerberg said.)
  • The games and apps dashboards
  • New search type-ahead, and a new method of finding and displaying people whether or not they are your friends
  • A new image uploader, built from the ground up by Facebook (“We’ve been using an ActiveX control for years,” Zuckerberg said.)
  • HipHop, the new project it open-sourced earlier this week.

Zuckerberg also told us tonight that the updated News Feed UI should alleviate a lot of user confusion between the meaning of “News Feed” and “Live Feed,” and that friend lists are getting demoted from the home page because they’ve “always kind of been a power user feature.”

Here’s a look at Facebook’s worldwide audience growth to date: