Video of Fixing a Broadcast TV Antenna From 1,700 Feet

A little thought about media job, the person who fixes the antennae towers that send out broadcast television signals. Without those towers, there’s no CNN, Glenn Beck or Jon Stewart. Basically, we need those towers working correctly.

But when they break, someone has to climb up over 1,700 feet to the tower tops and fix them. On top of that, it looks incredibly unsafe. In this video below, a tower mechanic gets an elevator ride to 1,600 feet. After that, he has to climb the final 100-plus feet with no support (other when resting) while tip-toeing on small platforms. A slip would lead to quite the fall, and, oh yeah, the mechanic has to carry a 30 pound tool bag up the line with him.

This is the one media job I could never do; my stomach is still churning.

(h/t The Wire)