Video, Friends, Chase Community Giving, Bands, Cards and More on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps

Turkish video applications were prominent on our list this week, as were apps measuring your relationships with your Facebook friends. There were apps for bands, for Chase’s Community Giving program, a French app for musical greeting cards, a Page tab app and a photo app. The apps on our list grew from between 130,900 and 534,000 monthly active users this week.

The list of top 20 emerging apps was compiled based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook and covers apps that grew the most in the past week, ending at between 100,000 and 1 million monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Video İzlemek537,402+533,950+15,468%
2. Auto Hustle508,729+307,602+153%
3. Videolar287,834+280,780+3,980%
4. VideoPort995,659+274,993+38%
5. Compatibility With My Friends961,389+271,202+39%
6. Super Mario 3521,583+244,308+88%
7. BandRx582,980+211,419+57%
8. Social Statistics748,461+189,448+34%
9. My Tab584,817+188,641+48%
10. Battle Pirates293,844+159,591+119%
11. Chase Community Giving402,523+156,244+63%
12. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE316,192+155,938+97%
13. Bizim Çiftlik920,538+155,070+20%
14. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game754,023+154,817+26%
15. Dromadaire314,324+150,309+92%
16. Friends Who Always Be There For Me465,741+144,637+45%
17. Puzzle Saga780,583+141,520+22%
18. Pawn Stars: The Game900,701+133,291+17%
19. Pixable664,711+131,195+25%
20. VideoGezegeni261,260+130,852+100%

Turkish video apps were big on the list this week, there were four in total. Video İzlemek grew by about 534,000 MAU, Videolar by 280,800 MAU, VideoPort by 275,000 MAU and VideoGezegeni by 130,900 MAU. Each app allows a user to watch, share or Like videos, comment on them, although VideoPort automatically generates a feed story when you watch a video.

Compatibility With My Friends grew by 271,200 MAU. The app calculates your compatibility with your Facebook friends based on Likes and comments, publishing a feed story with the results, as well as a photo with a link to the app. A similar app, Social Statistics, grew by 189,500 MAU; the app gives the user’s posting frequency, influence with friends a a Wall post summary for the past month.

Page tabs were on our list. BandRx is another music app for bands, which grew by 211,400 MAU; the app promises to help bands create their presence on a Facebook tab. Then My Tab allows Page administrators to create custom tabs for their Pages; the app grew by 188,600 MAU.

A few photo apps also made our list. Friends Who Always be There For Me grew by 144,600 MAU; the app compiles Likes on your photos and statuses to tell you who your strongest Facebook friends are. Then Pixable, with 131,200 MAU, promises to be the best way to view Facebook photos; you can receive a daily photofeed, see top photos f the day, be notified of your friend’s activity and more.

Then there was Chase Community Giving with 156,200 MAU; the app allows users to vote on charities to receive grants from the company. There are ample opportunities for users to share with their friends. The French Dromadaire is a virtual and musical greeting card app that allows users to watch and share cards. The app grew by 150,300 MAU, partly because every time you watch a video, a feed story is generated, as well as if you decide to post to your Wall or that of a friend.

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