Video Flashback: The Very First ‘Stevenote’ Where Jobs Introduced the Macintosh

Today’s time journal is a video from the Computer History Museum, a thirty year old video of 1984 Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh, in his first fabled ‘Stevenote.’ You may have heard of the infamous ‘Stevenote’ in other places, notably Wikipedia, where you can find a chronological listing of every Apple product introduction from 1984 to the current OS, Mavericks. This video is a nice historical artifact to consume, especially on your iPhone.

A ‘Stevenote’ was a keynote speech given by Steve, in which he blew the minds of his audience with a surprising new product introduction.   A ‘Stevenote’ was unlike any other product introduction.  Steve would share some of the deep, rigorous thinking and philosophy behind each new product—and why Apple’s approach was so radically different from everyone else’s.  The ‘Stevenote’ was never just about the product, though; it was also about Steve’s vision of stewardship for the future of technology and its impact on humanity.  The drama and tension in each ‘Stevenote’ would build until—with masterful understatement and dramatic staging—Steve would pull the cover off of a paradigm-setting new product.

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