This Video Earned Quaker Canada’s Agency a Zero-Gravity Work Retreat

Studio M wins a day of weightlessness

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During Advertising Week 2014, Virool announced a year-long video contest that promised to send marketers to space, as outer-orbit travel seemed just around the corner thanks to futuristic entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson. But then Branson's Virgin Galactic project experienced a fatal crash, and Virool canceled the prize. 

Instead, the San Francisco company specializing in programmatic video advertising offered participants the chance to experience the Zero-G, an aircraft owned by Zero Gravity Corporation that offers a zero-gravity experience. 

The winner is Studio M, which created a four-minute online film called "The Recital" for breakfast-food maker Quaker Canada. The entry beat out 250 other submissions and has racked up 9.3 million YouTube views in five weeks, thanks to a heartwarming father-and-daughter storyline. (See the clip below.) Now, someday soon, the agency's creative team and branding folks from Quaker will travel to an undisclosed location with the Zero Gravity crew for a day of weightlessness. 

"To be recognized by Virool and the judges for this work, and to be given this once-in-a-lifetime award, is very gratifying," said Mike Mills, executive producer of Studio M, in a statement.

Virool CEO Alex Debelov will present Mills and his team with the Race to Zero Gravity honor today at Advertising Week in New York.

Lindsay Ho, Quaker Canada's marketing manager, added, "We developed this video to encourage Canadians to do more of what matters today, and we're thrilled at the reception it's had."

Check out the video below:

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.