(VIDEO) Dari Alexander’s iPhone Goes Off During 10 O’Clock News

It was a night for recapping the horrific events from Aurora, Colorado. Greg Kelly was co-anchoring his first 10 p.m. newscast with extensive breaking news.

The unfortunate story that captivated New Yorkers involved the alleged gunmen who fired at least 70 times at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. WNYW/Channel 5 opened the broadcast with a live shot from the Denver surburb, although it featured a typo on the screen for the location: “Colorodo.”

Kelly did drop the ad-libbing quality during the coverage, a mainstay of the NYPD commissioner’s son. But unlike his counterparts at other stations, Kelly laid the emotion on too thick, seeming insincere.

However, it was his on-air partner who fell victim to an embarrassing moment. At 10:47, as the newscast returned from a commercial break, Dari Alexander was flustered by her iPhone starting to play music or a musical ringtone.

Adding to the unprofessionalism, Alexander, it appears, was in the midst of a conversation with Kelly when the red light went on. (See video below)

“Kind of like the Second Avenue subway project,” Alexander told Kelly as the ringing started.

“Turn off your iPhone,” Kelly told her.

“I have no idea what’s going on here,” Alexander added as she fiddled with the phone.

“I told you, do not play with that thing,” Kelly said.

Unable to move on, Alexander made it worse, continuing to talk almost to the point of being nonsensical to viewers.

“That was a big, fat mistake, a little bit before the clubs on Friday night, Greg!” Alexander said.

“You would do very well on Good Day New York,” Kelly chimed in sarcastically.

Kelly was the Good Day anchor with Rosanna Scotto until taking on the evening duties July 2.

After the brief piece on earthquakes in New Jersey, it was time for weather with Nick Gregory and a chance to further accentuate the ringing cell phone.

“You know, if only Nick wasn’t dancing on the sidelines,” Alexander said.

“If you play the music, I’m gonna dance,” Gregory joked.

“You’re about an hour and ten minutes early, buddy,” Alexander said, in another apparent dance club reference.

The awkward episode for Alexander, 42, ended with Kelly calling her out.

“You know, it’s your phone that went off,” Kelly pointed to his deskmate.

There’s no excuse for a cell phone going off during a live newscast, especially here in New York City. The only “saving grace” is that phone did not belt out a tune when delivering the deadly details from Colorado.

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