Video chat with your MySpace friends via SightSpeed Light

Looks like the opening up of MySpace platform has not only done MySpace some good but the whole social networking universe as well. As developers gained access to MySpace’s development platform, more and more great applications have been developed. One of these applications is the recently launched video chat facility courtesy of SightSpeed Light.

SightSpeed Light lets you create and post a SightSpeed video of yourself discussing any topic. Your friends within your group can and may respond and add their thoughts on the topic you started. The flow of discussion as more of your friends participate becomes a threaded list similar to online forums, but in the form of videos that simulate real, face-to-face conversation.

After installing the SightSpeed Light application, you can access the video chat facility anywhere in the following MySpace real estate; application profile, as embedded application on your homepage, as embedded applications on your profiles, on the application gallery listing, on a canvas page.

You may want to give video chat a try, as this seems to be where online communications is heading lately.