Video Ad Company YuMe Gets a New CEO

Exec says the move is all about tech

Online video advertising company YuMe announced Wednesday that it's bringing on a new chief executive—though YuMe's new boss, founder Jayant Kadambi, is actually its old boss, having served as CEO until he was replaced by Michael Mathieu three years ago.

During the company's last CEO shuffle, Kadambi stuck around as YuMe's president and a member of its board, supposedly to focus on technology rather than management. Now he's the one replacing Mathieu (who is also remaining on the board), and Kadambi told Adweek via email that the move reflects YuMe's decision to increase its focus on technology and infrastructure—a decision that was made jointly by Mathieu, Kadambi, and the rest of the board.

Although YuMe has said that many big brands are missing the boat when it comes to advertising to online video watchers, the company isn't limited to standard Web video. One of its big selling points is the ability to run campaigns across PC browsers, smartphones, and Internet-connected TVs. Kadambi said YuMe's cross-platform vision is a reality, not just a goal, thanks in part to partnerships with online video service Ooyala and connected TV company Roku.

"We have already served campaigns across all three screens for major TV brand advertisers," he said. 

YuMe also reports that it's now serving more than 1.5 billion ad impressions per month, and that it has seen revenue growth of more than 100 percent for the past three years. Kadambi predicted that growth rate would continue this year, while video ad networks with a narrower focus will struggle.

"I think in the coming years we will continue to see online video grow and business models emerge that bring some of the most desired content to TVs in a more mainstreamed way than we have seen with some of the over-the-top solutions," Kadambi said. "The biggest change will occur when TV brand advertisers are able to buy, manage, and report on brand campaigns across traditional TV, online, mobile, and connect TV. YuMe plans to be the company that provides the infrastructure and services to make that happen."