Video: A Brief History of Kickstarter, The First 5 Years

If you haven’t already noticed, Kickstarter is getting old. Compared to other apps, the site is practically a dinosaur. Just watch this video! In it, you’ll see Kickstarter swimming with the internet’s giants like Myspace. Of course, now, the company has been so successful, they’ve failed to put out an Android compatible app. Users have to pay $0.99 to another company just to manage projects.

On April 28th 2009 at 4:27 pm EST, Kickstarter went live. To celebrate the past five years, we put together this history of Kickstarter.

Maybe that’s something a company does when they reach their teens and not because they’ve made money from billions collected from every continent on the planet?  Happy birthday Kickstarter – we hope the year brings you the freedom to offer free Android app for donors and makers along with all of that cash…