Offers Social Networking with Video

Although YouTube is a pretty powerful video uploading and sharing site, it however lacks some social networking features. Despite the great amount of content uploaded and shared on its site, YouTube remains to be just like that – a video uploading and sharing site with some dash of social networking features. New social networking site offers something which YouTube doesn’t – a full-featured social networking site with emphasis on video content. has just launched its brand new site. From the company statement, VidEngage is:

VidEngage is the world’s first personal video destination! We are more than just video mail, video blogs and a video social network! We have Video Dating! And get that DREAM JOB with your own Video Resume! Connect with your friends with Video Conferencing! It’s all here, in the net’s first personal video destination!

It offers 5 different video-based vertical products such as; video resumes, online video dating, video conferencing, video mail and video blog or vlogs.

Specifically it offers:

  • a full-featured video enabled community
  • multiple video profile creation tools
  • video recording functionality with one-button-record system
  • send videos to friends through email
  • create a video blog
  • post video testimonials
  • launch a video conference

An interesting feature of is its facility for creating dating profile with searchable fields similar to other dating site. But adding funfare to this dating feature is of course the the fact that you can add high-resolution videos to your profile. Hence, providing for a more interactive and entertaining date-hunting experience for you.